2045 Transportation System Plan (TSP)

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The Transportation System Plan (TSP) is the 20-year plan to guide transportation projects, programs, policies, and investments in Portland.
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The transportation system is essential to the functioning of the city and the well-being and prosperity of the community. It connects people and businesses to goods and services, and links them to the region, state, nation, and world. Although transportation is often measured in terms of mobility, it also creates access to opportunity. The way we build our city has an impact on our mobility and, by extension, our access to opportunity. What is access to opportunity? It’s being able to get to childcare, reach your healthcare, get to school and higher education, perhaps one’s spiritual or religious pursuits, economic opportunity (your job), maybe civic engagement, recreation, and more. Our mobility impacts our opportunities in life in a truly fundamental way. Our city’s goals and policies also reflect the role of transportation planning in reducing carbon emissions and improving public health. And there’s a role that streets can play in providing great civic and recreational spaces.

With robust and equitable community engagement and technical analysis, the City of Portland’s TSP update process will help answer the questions:

  • What do we want?
  • What do we have now?
  • What will we need in the future?
  • How will we fund our projects?
  • What should we do first?

History of Racism in Portland's Transportation System

The City of Portland acknowledges historical injustices and the context of local decision-making and supports the equitable distribution of benefits and burdens of decisions to ensure that those most impacted from decisions have meaningful opportunity to participate in the process.

As a companion piece to this Plan, there will be an accompanying document and a video delving into the racist history of transportation planning in Portland. Featured as a key part of the Plan’s major equity analysis, understanding this history is vital in ensuring that informed transportation and land use decisions avoid perpetuating harms to underserved populations and continue meaningful pursuit of transportation justice.

Process schedule

The following diagram illustrates an overview of the 2045 TSP process schedule assuming a 36-month period. Public engagement efforts will span three of the four phases up to implementation, including groundwork, development, and refinement. These efforts will occur alongside other TSP tasks that are listed in the diagram arrows under each phase.

Diagram that shows the TSP schedule across four phases in the process lasting 36 months in total

Want to learn more?

The 2045 TSP is still in the early stages of development. You can find further project resources in the links and living documents below. For any questions related to the plan, feel free to contact the TSP project team at 2045TSP@portlandoregon.gov

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