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2040 Portland Freight Plan Community Advisory Committee

The 2040 Portland Freight Plan (2040Freight) is about planning how to move goods through the city while meeting our goals for a safe multimodal system that supports economic prosperity, human and environmental health, equity, and resilience. 2040Freight will develop strategies to support freight movement in ways that advance Vision Zero and a state of good repair for our asset management in anticipation of population growth and technological changes. And the plan will aim to reduce carbon emissions while advancing equity and addressing structural racism by engaging stakeholders and the public in examining relevant issues of environmental justice.

Committee activities

  • Think critically and strategically about the complete transportation system and provide input that champions the success of the whole transportation system, the City of Portland and its diverse residents
  • Advise the PBOT Director and staff on effective means of engaging Portlanders in each key step of the planning process
  • Help expand the reach of community engagement on the Plan. This may include helping to distribute invitations to open houses, online surveys, or other public events, providing regular updates to one’s community on the planning process, and consulting with members of their community on how best to represent their views, concerns, and recommendations.
  • Review and comment on key project materials
  • Provide feedback to staff to help identify needs, develop and evaluate alternatives, and identify preferred solutions
  • Provide feedback on the prioritization of work in future phases

Meet our 2040Freight CAC!

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Francesca Jones (Patricolo)

Transportation Planner

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