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The122nd Avenue Plan identifies improvements to increase safety and improve access for all. Plan recommendations include changes to the street cross-section, additional enhanced crossings, lighting, signal changes, and more.
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Summer 2022
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What's happening now?

Thank you to everyone who provided input during the development of the 122nd Avenue Plan. Feel free to review the 122nd Avenue Plan draft.

Click here to view the 122nd Avenue Plan Draft

We are now reviewing comments received on this draft and, where applicable, making modifications. The final plan is anticipated to be presented to City Council in late 2022 or early 2023.

Additionally, project staff is working on a Safe Streets for All grant application that would fund many major safety improvements along the corridor. You can learn more about PBOT's application by viewing this flyer. Applications are due mid-September, and we will know if funds have been awarded by early 2023.

Project Goals

  • Increase safety for all, improve pedestrian and bicycle access and support better transit while balancing needs of freight and other modes.
  • Identify improvements to help eliminate serious injuries and fatalities and remove 122nd from the Vision Zero High Crash Corridor Network.

Project Background

122nd Avenue, 6.4 miles in length, acts as both a north-south regional connector and as the backbone for many neighborhood centers in east Portland. The street carries a lot of travelers with large vehicles volumes, a bus line, and many people walking, biking, and rolling. This is a hardworking street serving essential jobs and services. 

There is growing need and community demand for a safer street and better transit, bicycle facilities, sidewalks, crossings and streetscape along the 122nd Avenue. Currently, 122nd Ave is a difficult and stressful environment to walk, bike, cross the street, and access transit. The street—typically a five-lane road with on-street parking—has narrow bike lanes that become turn lanes at major signalized intersections, narrow and substandard sidewalks, crosswalks that do not meet the City's crosswalk spacing guidelines, buses that experience delay, and gaps in streetlighting that contribute to personal safety concerns. 122nd Avenue has also been identified as part of the Vision Zero High Crash Network.

Learn more about the project background with the documents below.

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