8 - Crossings

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is working with the community to develop a comprehensive plan for improvements along 122nd Avenue. This is Slide 8 of our online open house for the 122nd Avenue Plan: "What are we recommending at crossings?"
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Funded Crossings

Six new crossings along 122nd Avenue are currently funded at or near:

  • NE Beech Street
  • NE Brazee Street and NE Sacramento Street
  • NE Hancock Street and NE Broadway
  • NE Wasco Street and NE Multnomah Street
  • North of NE Davis Street
  • SE Clinton Street

Recommended Crossings

The map shows funded pedestrian crossings, unfunded proposed pedestrian crossings, and existing crossings that are not being improved.

As part of the 122nd Avenue Plan, we have identified 16 additional locations for new crossings or crossing upgrades. Adding all the funded and recommended crossings will meet the crossing spacing guidelines outlined in Portland's Citywide Pedestrian Plan, PedPDX.

The recommended crossing locations are prioritized using the following criteria:

  • Located near crashes
  • Located in Town or Neighborhood Centers
  • Upgrades needed to meet crossing standards 
  • Near transit stops
  • Large gaps in pedestrian crossings

We recommend these crossings be installed across three implementation phases:

  • Higher priority crossings installed in Phase 1 (make critical safety improvements)
  • Medium priority crossings installed in Phase 2 (enhance multimodal travel options)
  • Lower priority crossings installed in Phase 3 (support the development of a Civic Corridor)

Higher priority crossings are recommended at or near:

  • NE Oregon Street and NE Glisan Street
  • SE Stark Street and SE Morrison Street
  • SE Sherman Street
  • SE Rhone Street
  • SE Gladstone Street

Medium priority crossings are recommended at or near:

  • NE Russell Street*
  • SE Mill Street
  • SE Kelly Street
  • SE Steele Street
  • SE Reedway Street
  • SE Martins Street

Lower priority crossings are recommended at or near:

  • NE Inverness Drive
  • NE Marx Street and NE Sandy Boulevard
  • NE Davis Street
  • SE Schiller Street* 
  • SE Raymond Street*

These priorities may shift if an active project can be leveraged to install new crossings.

* These are existing crossings that do not meet current crossing guidelines. The crossings at SE Schiller Street and SE Raymond Street will not need to upgraded with the recommended lane reduction between SE Powell Boulevard and SE Foster Road. 

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