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Utilities, Structures & Sewers

Resources for Utilities, Structures & Sewers in the Public Right-of-Way
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Utility Permits

The City of Portland issues permits for the placement of underground utility mains, services, structures, and poles. Our main responsibility is to ensure that the proposed utility placement is located at a proper depth and sufficient horizontal distance from curbs, water lines, and sewers and that the street surface is repaired to accepted standards. City Code reference for this program is Title 17.56.  Permits are also issued for service cuts, repairs, and boring/test holes in the right-of-way.

Contact: pbotutilitypermits@portlandoreg…

Environmental Assessment Permits

The City of Portland issues permits to perform test bores, pavement cores, potholing, general excavations, as well as decommissioning or removing underground storage tanks or monitoring wells within City of Portland public right-of-way.

More information can be found at the following link. /transportation/permitting/environmental-assessment-program

Sewer Connection or Repair Permits

All sewer and storm work on public and private property require a permit and inspection. The City keeps detailed records of all connections to the City sewer system. These records are made possible by permit and inspection and protect public health and safety. You must get a permit through the Development Service Center to connect to the city sewer system.

Contact: Development Services Center 503-823-7310

Structural Review

Structural plan reviews

Transportation Engineering & Development reviews all building plans to ensure that structures built in the public right-of-way conform with City standards and governing codes for all improvements whether built by public or private interests. Structure types include structural driveways, retaining walls, poles, private bridges, fences, tanks, underground vaulted spaces, and tunnels. The plan review of structures provides that facilities are safe to use, durable, and have a long life.

Contact: 503-823-7002 option 3

General Information & Resources

Sewer Locates

All utilities doing work in the right of way need to know where the sewer lines are located. Inquiries about sewer locates need to go to the Bureau of Maintenance. A description of the area may be faxed to 503-823-4043.

Contact: Maintenance operations 503-823-1779

Approved Metal Non-Slip Surface

 Pre-Approved Vaults

Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Permit Fee Schedule for Utility Construction

PBOT Underground Wiring Districts

Underground Wiring District Code 

Design Exception form