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Updates to City Code Sections 17.88.010 and 17.107.030

PBOT is updating City Code Sections 17.88.010 and 17.107.030 to align with existing Title 33 regulations.

The proposed changes to Code Sections 17.88.010 and 17.107.030 reflect the changes to multi-dwelling zone names adopted in May 2018. This is a minor cleanup that ensures our code is current and up to date with regulations in Title 33.

The changes to 17.88.010 Definitions reflect updates to commercial zone names adopted in May 2018 and the creation of the Campus Institution zone, which largely replaced the IR zone. 

The changes to 17.107.030 Transportation and Parking Demand Management Requirements and Procedures reflect the application of TDM requirements to the new multi-dwelling zones by 33.266.410.B.  

This code change will be heard at City Council on December 16, 2020. This will be a consent agenda item. Comments may be submitted to pbotpolicycomments@portlandoregon.gov for PBOT staff review.

The changes are as follows: 

17.88.010 B.:

"Mixed-Use Area" is compact development that allows a mix of uses, either within buildings or among buildings, and includes residential development as one of the potential components.  Mixed-use areas include all commercial/mixed-use zones (CN1 and 2, CO1 and 2, CM, CS, CG, and CX)(CR, CM1, CM2, CM3, CE, CX), the EX, Central Employment Zone, and the Campus Institutional Zones (CI1, CI2, and IR,Institutional Residential Zone).  All other employment zones, industrial zones, and the Open Space Zone are not included.

17.107.030 B.:

Requirement for Residential Uses. Title 33 requires development in specified zones that includes a building witha commercial/mixed use or multi-dwelling zone that includes more than 10 new dwelling units to have a TDM Plan at the time of development permit issuance. Development subject to this requirement may utilize the pre-approved multimodal incentive described in Section 17.107.035, or develop a custom plan approved through Transportation Impact Review, as described in Chapter 33.852.