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Street Naming

Newly created public and private street segments are named during the plat review process or via an Easement for Right-of-Way Purposes.

  1. How are the street names determined?

In most cases, a new street is an extension of an existing street and should reflect the existing street’s name.  For instance, if a new street is a continuation of SE 50th Ave, the new street should also be named SE 50th Ave.  When naming a new street, the current pattern of existing street names should be considered and maintained wherever possible.  This helps emergency responders and postal workers easily find new streets and contributes to overall public safety and traffic flow.   

  1. How is a new street named if it is not a continuation of an existing street?

For new streets not falling into the existing naming grid, PBOT GIS staff consult the Portland City Code (see TRN-10.25 Street Naming and Chapter 17.92 Street Designation) along with Multnomah County Planning Authority rules (see Street Naming and Property Number 11.05) to determine a new name.  Staff also work with the developer for naming suggestions, and input is sought from additional GIS staff regarding the CAD 911 computer system, particularly  as it pertains to emergency responders. 

  1. Are alleys named?

Alleys (both public and private) as well as common greens are not named.