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Street Construction Inspections

The Bureau of Transportation has two groups of Construction Inspectors, depending on the type of permit issued:

Street Improvement Permits Inspections

A Street Improvement Permit is issued for major street construction within the right-of-way, as a requirement for many types of private development, including subdivisions, commercial buildings, apartments, townhouses, and other upgrades to existing properties. See Design Guidelines for Street Improvement Permits.

Street Improvement Permits are issued by the Permit Engineering Section. The approved permit document is bundled inside a blue plastic folder containing reduced-size plans, specifications, a cost estimate, and other job requirements. A 5-digit job number is assigned, with a copy of the approved plans stamped "contractor". A pre-construction meeting is required for most jobs, so the inspector can meet the owner, engineer, and contractor personnel, to exchange cell phone numbers, and to go over scheduling and inspection requirements.

For inspections, such as subgrade, finish rock grade, concrete forms and pours, and asphalt paving related to Street Improvement Permits, call the message phone at (503) 823-0988.

Leave a message which includes: 

  • Job number
  • Location
  • Type of inspection

Allow 24 hours advance notice for inspections, especially those requiring testing, such as concrete pours, or asphalt paving densities. The inspector schedules most of the testing through the City Test Lab facilities.

Street Construction Inspectors inspect new curbs, sidewalks, driveways, wheelchair ramps, full width street construction, street widening, frontage paving strips, alleyways, overlays, catch inlets and inlet pipes, structural retaining walls, tree wells and grates, and any other work shown on the approved street plans. They do not inspect private streets, maintenance work by City crews, sidewalks or driveways shown on house plans, signal work, street lighting, sidewalk repair postings, sewer connections, sewer or storm mains, utilities, or any construction outside of the public right-of-way.

Revocable Permit to Perform Construction in the Right of Way

Inspections should be requested at a minimum 48 hours in advance. Inspections are assigned to specific areas within the City. Leave your request for the appropriate inspector by inspection area (North, Northeast, Northwest, Southwest, and Southeast). Call the message phone at (503) 823-7002, Option 1

Leave a message which includes:

  • Your name and phone number
  • Permit or job number
  • Job location or address
  • Type of inspection needed
  • Day and time inspection is needed