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Use this page as a guide for your placemaking project. We list granting resources, how-to's, and placemaking case studies. The goal is to encourage Portland residents to energize and beautify their neighborhoods. We hope that you will find the resources found here to be useful.
The City of Portland Sidewalk Program oversees the maintenance of City sidewalks, curbs, and corners.The program's goal is to ensure that all sidewalks are safe and accessible for pedestrians and to help prevent injuries caused by defective sidewalks
Are you applying for, or planning to apply for, a building permit (or any other City approval) for development in the City of Portland? If the answer is yes, the information about Transportation System Development Charges (TSDCs) and the City's development review process will be of interest to you.
Cellular and wireless providers are looking to install and expand networks of small cells throughout urban areas to improve coverage, quality, resilience and increase cellular network capacity to meet the increasing demand on their current networks served by cell towers (also known as macro cells).