Storm damage recovery

Renew a temporary street use permit

You may renew an ongoing temporary street use permit with the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT), or reissue a permit you have had in the past.

This application takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Requests are typically issued within 5-10 business days.

Gather your permit numbers

You will need your ongoing or past permit numbers to renew or reissue a temporary street use permit. You may enter multiple permit numbers if all renewal details are the same for each permit.

Fill out your renewal application

Allow at least 5 business days to process (10 business days for street closures). DO NOT submit requests with a start date within 5 business days. 

Renew Temporary Street Use Permit

Wait for processing and review

Once we receive your completed application with all the necessary information, we will process your request and assign it to be reviewed. You will receive an email update once this step is completed.

Pay for your permit

When the permit has been created, reviewed, and approved, we will email you a link to pay online by a certain due date. The permit can be paid for with credit card or electronic check. For pricing information, see our current fee schedule.

Receive your permit

After we confirm your payment, we will email you a copy of your permit and any supporting documents. This is not automated. You will typically receive your permit within 1 business day of your payment.

Contact us with any questions

Need help with your application or have other questions about the permit process?

Contact PBOT's Temporary Street Use Permitting team