Apply for a combined publication box

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT), through the Portland in the Streets program, issues permits to place combined publication boxes in Portland's street space. Combined publication boxes display several publications (newspapers, magazines, etc.) in one location.

This process takes 2 - 6 weeks to complete.

Learn about requirements

There are display requirementsmaintenance, and insurance requirements for publication boxes on public sidewalks.

Choose your locations

Choose the location based on the requirements above that you would like to install combined publication boxes and count any individual publication boxes already within a 175 ft radius. Contact us with your location and questions.

Notify the owners of the existing individual publication boxes

Let the owners of the existing individual publication boxes within the 175 ft radius know that there will be a change from individual boxes to a combined box. You will need to notify any adjacent property owners of locations you wish to place the combined publication boxes.

Schedule a meeting with the publication box coordinator

Our coordinator is here to help! Schedule a meeting with us to check locations.

Pay permit fee

Once we’ve received your payment, we will issue the permit, and you can install the new publication box.

Maintain new publication box

Maintain the new publication box as outlined in your agreement. Work with individual publication box contacts to ensure they remove their boxes from the area.