Apply for a permit to hang a Cross-Street Banner

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) through the Portland in the Streets program issues banner permits over street spaces to promote various neighborhood and charitable events or occasions in the community. These may include farmers' markets, street fairs, and so much more.
Banner spanning from one side of a city street to the other side.

Plan on contacting staff 4-6 weeks in advance of the banner placement

Decide which banner type is best for you

Check to see if you qualify for a cross-street banner permit

  • Must promote neighborhood and charitable events; must be open to the public
  • Have a nonprofit connected to the event
  • Promote non-political and civic benefit to the community
  • Must be installed in the vicinity of the event

Choose location and work with Portland in the Streets staff

Choose a couple of locations that fit the requirements above and contact a staff member by email, phone or in person. We are here to help! Our staff members will help work with you to meet requirements and check locations.

Submit supporting materials

  • Map showing location of the structure that the banner will be mounted
  • Traffic Control Plan (TCP)
  • Banner specifications:  size, text, design, construction, method of hanging
  • Letter of authorization from the owner of the structure that the banner will be mounted
  • Valid certificate of insurance and additional endorsement

Wait for processing and review

PBOT staff will contact you with any questions. A traffic engineer will review the traffic control plan.

Once the cross-street banner permit has been approved, it will be emailed to you.


PBOT Cross Street Banners