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PBOT Development Review Manual to Creating Public Streets and Connections

PBOT has updated the PBOT Development Review Manual to Creating Public Streets and Connections. This manual contains information for designing public improvements consistent with the authority granted to PBOT under City Code in relation to land use and building permit actions.

As described in the introduction, the manual was created to ease coordination of projects, and when applicable, facilitate the planning, design and construction of projects in conformance to City standards and requirements. It is referenced in TRN 1.09 - Design Standards for Public Streets.The Summary of Changes document below describes the proposed updates. A notable change is that several tables were consolidated to improve the legibility of the document. The overall content, including in the tables, is largely unchanged. 

Comments may be submitted to pbotpolicycomments@portlandoregon.gov by November 20, 2020. This comment period has now closed. As no request has been received, the public hearing has been cancelled.

Link to existing document (last updated in 2002)