Local Transportation Infrastructure Charge (LTIC)

Map showing LTIC eligible streets
In spring 2016, the city adopted the Local Transportation Infrastructure Charge (LTIC), a charge on new infill development occurring on specific streets in single-dwelling residential zones (see map below). The LTIC provides simpler, more predictable options for developers to meet their obligations.
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When and where the LTIC is applied 

Located within a Single-Dwelling Zone as identified in Title 33 of the City Code. As of March 2016, Single-Dwelling Zones included RF, R20, R10, R7, R5, R2.5(Note: zoning districts and definitions can change. Confirm Single-Dwelling Zones in Title 33.); and

Frontage on a local service traffic street without a curb (i.e. unimproved or under-improved street), other than a local street that has been formally accepted by PBOT as fully built under an alternative street standard not requiring a curb.

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The LTIC does NOT apply to:

  • Accessory dwelling units
  • Affordable housing
  • Low-income owner occupants who live on the property and owner’s household has a gross annual income of less than 80% AMI.
  • Disaster replacement
  • Alterations of existing structures provided that no additional units result from the alteration
  • Property line adjustments or lot confirmations
  • Properties that have already paid the LTIC for a previous land use or development action
  • Property frontages that abut unbuildable “paper” rights-of-way.
  • Properties that have a valid Public Works Alternative (PWA) decision.
  • Instances when applicant elects to build the required frontage improvements on adjacent local service traffic streets to the City’s adopted standard.

Calculating the charge

The LTIC is based on the total linear frontage of the property adjacent to an under-improved local service traffic street without a curb. PBOT staff will assess the LTIC using information included in the permit application with the maximum charge listed below by zone.

R2.5: no maximum
R5: 50 feet x LTIC ($600) = $30,000
R7: 70 feet x LTIC ($600) = $42,000
R10: 100 feet x LTIC ($600) = $60,000
R20 & RF: 120 feet x LTIC ($600) = $72,000


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