Granting Easements to Satisfy Development Requirements

Building plan showing 2 feet of street dedication
As part of a development permit or land use application, the landowner may be required to grant an easement to the City for public right-of-way purposes. This is often referred to as a “dedication.”

The development permit may also require that the landowner grant other types of easements (such as a public walkway easement or sewer easement), though these are less common.

 To avoid delays, make sure to include this process in your development schedule.

How do you complete the process for a dedication?

  1. If your development permit or land use permit check sheet require the granting of an easement, the PBOT Development Review Division will submit, on your behalf, the Easement Preparation Request Form to the PBOT ROW Acquisition Section (“RWA”).
  2. In some instances, a surveyed legal description and exhibit map of the easement area may be required.  If this is the case, RWA will inform you of this requirement.
  3. Once RWA receives the necessary information, please allow two weeks for the conveyance documents to be drafted and sent to you for your notarized signature. 
  4. LLCs and corporations may be asked to provide signature authority documentation, such as an Operating Agreement or Board’s Resolution, that indicates the individual(s) authorized to sign the easement on behalf of the company.
  5. Return the original signed documents to RWA. After final review by RWA and approval of the City Attorney, they will be submitted for PBOT acceptance and then recorded in County Deed Records.
  6. After the dedication is recorded with the County, RWA will remove the dedication hold on the permit.  The City’s AMAMDA permitting system will reflect the completed dedication.  Other city groups such as PBOT Development Review will be able to verify this completed item.
  7. RWA will email you a copy of the recorded document for your records.

If you have questions or are required to grant an easement other than a dedication, please contact RWA at or 503.823.1372.