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Environmental Assessment Program

This page contains the requirements and forms needed to apply for a permit to perform test bores, pavement cores, potholing, general excavations, as well as decommissioning or removing underground storage tanks or monitoring wells within City of Portland public right-of-way.
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Permit Application Checklist

Please allow 5-7 business days to process permit requests. As of July 1, 2023, the following is required to apply for a permit:

  1. Cover letter or email detailing the following information:
    • Who is requesting the ROW permit along with contact information.
    • Who is the contractor performing the work in the ROW along with their contact information.
    • Why does the work require being in the ROW, include type of work and reason for work.
    • When would the proposed work be performed.
    • Where would the proposed work in ROW take place, including dimensions.
  2. Completed permit request form:
    • Include dimensions from proposed work to nearest curb line or ROW line AND dimension to cross street. Dimension lines are required, or the application will not be accepted.
  3. Valid liability insurance and street opening bond (instructions and forms are included):
    • The permittee OR the contractor must have BOTH valid insurance and street opening bond on file.
    • For insurance and street opening bond questions please visit the Insurance and Bond Requirements page or contact our Insurance & Bond coordinator at (503) 823-7142.
  4. Performance bonds for Monitoring Well permits (form available upon request):
    • The performance bond must be held by the party that is responsible for the monitoring well; contractors and consultants are not allowed to hold performance bonds. One bond per monitoring well is required.

Contact information for questions or submittal of application

Contact: PBOT Utility Permits


Mailing Address:  
City of Portland
Bureau of Transportation Attn: UCI
1120 SW 5th Ave, Suite 1331
Portland, OR 97214


Fees are calculated after all reviews have been completed. At that time an invoice will be issued to the permittee and can be paid in person, over the phone or online.  

As of July 1, 2023, the following fees are subject to be assessed to any new or revised permit:

  • Underground Storage Tank (removal or decommission in place) is $949.00 and includes up to two test bores within the same 180 square feet.
  • Test Bore fee is $634.00 for all bore/core holes within a 100ft linear feet.
  • Monitoring Well permit is $634.00 per well for each new well or renewal of existing well
  • General Excavation fee is $634.00 per 100 square feet
  • Water Bureau review fee is $200.00 for the initial review and subject to additional fees
  • Street Light Utility Locate fee is $120.00 per "item" or 100ft of linear length
  • Insurance Processing fee is $48.06

An approved traffic control plan may be required prior to commencement of work. For traffic control plan or a permit to close the sidewalk or parking, visit TSUP.

Inspection Information

The permit holder is required to inform the INSPECTION SECTION at (503) 823-7002, Option 1, at least 48 hours prior to the anticipated start of work, unless instructed otherwise. If work does not commence as scheduled, notification will need to be repeated. Failure to provide notification will result in a doubling of permit fees as a penalty.

Underground Storage Tank or Monitoring Well Removal and Decommissioning

Removal and decommissioning must follow TRN 10.18