Apply for a Street Seats permit

The Portland in the Streets team at the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) issues Street Seats permits for structures or platforms built in on-street parking spaces to help activate the public space. You can use them as additional seating for your restaurant or for public use.

Update related to Covid-19

PBOT’s Portland in the Streets team has temporarily paused our Street Seats program in response to our current Covid-19 public health crisis. We remain committed to all the ways we use our public space for community building and connection, even if we can’t do what we normally do.

For the time being, this type of permit is being evaluated through our Healthy Businesses program, designed to give Portland businesses and community organizations the space they need to serve their neighbors, customers, clients, and community.

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What is the Healthy Businesses permit?

To keep up to date on when the Street Seats program might return, or learn about other Portland in the Streets programs:

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