Apply, Renew, or Change a Temporary Street Use Permit

Temporary street use permits allow you to reserve on-street parking spaces, close portions of the sidewalk, or perform traffic control in the street area. Typical uses include residential moves, storage containers, construction, utility work, or property maintenance.

The application form will take 5-10 minutes to complete. Permits are typically issued within 5-10 business days.

If you are a City of Portland employee or a contractor hired by the City of Portland, do not use the below form to apply for a permit.  Please click here to submit notification of your street use.

Click here for additional information about allowed uses for temporary street use permits, permit fee rates, processing times, traffic control guidelines, and information about different permit options for other uses (block parties, outdoor dining, community events, etc).

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For upcoming or active permits, please provide the associated permit number.

For recently submitted applications, please provide the application number included in the automated confirmation email received when submitting your application.
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You may enter multiple numbers if all renewal details are the same for each permit.
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Please account for our 5 business day processing time when picking your start date (10 business days for full street closures).

NOTE: Please make sure the street you are working on is not restricted by a Moratorium.
If previously required, the City of Portland must have your current insurance information on file before a permit can be renewed.

NOTE: If you need to submit a new certificate, send insurance certificates to
If your work is along a TriMet transit route, you are required to notify them at least five business days in advance of your work. Email TriMet at before you submit this application.
By applying to obtain this permit from the City of Portland, the permittee agrees to comply with all permit conditions, including, without limitation, the permit conditions stated here:
Conditions of a Permit to Use a Dedicated Street Area
Parking Enforcement verification procedure
Change Fee and Refund Policies


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