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Apply for a permit to place a container in the street

The Temporary Street Use Permitting team at the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) can help you get a temporary permit to place a container (dropbox or storage container) in a parking space at the curb. Determine the type of permit you need below. Fees apply.

All our different applications take about 5-10 minutes to complete. Processing time will vary by permit type.

Find the permit that fits your situation and click on the appropriate application

A permit is always required prior to placing a container in an on-street parking space. After verifying at that you are within the City of Portland city limits, choose the permit type below that best fits your situation. 

7 Day (or less) Non-Metered Parking Use Permit

  • Best for: Reserving on-street parking for a container in non-metered areas (that is, areas where you don't have to pay to park on the street). Allows you to place "No Parking" signs in advance.
  • Where it can be used: in non-metered areas only. Please click here to see a map of Portland's metered (pay to park) districts. Not valid within 50ft of an intersection without a traffic signal. See application for other placement restrictions. 
  • What it allows: The reservation of up to 100 feet of parking.
  • How long is it good for: Up to 7 consecutive days.
  • Price: $35 per 20-foot parking space.  Additional enforcement fees may apply.
  • Processing time: Immediate. Submit your application and you will be directed to pay through our online system. Once the invoice is paid, you will be sent a link to your PERMIT ID CARD (to affix to the side of a storage container) as well as 'NO PARKING' SIGNS you need to print (in color) and display yourself. Please note that parking reservation signs need to be verified by Parking Enforcement staff 72 hours in advance to provide the option to get vehicles towed out of your reserved space. Click here for additional details on this process.

Apply for 7 Day Non-Metered Parking Use Permit

Simple Temporary Street Use Permit

  • Best for: Reserving parking for a container for longer than 7 days, or in a metered area. Allows placement of "No Parking" signs in advance. In metered areas, we place the signs for you.  In non-metered areas, you place signs yourself.
  • Where it can be used: Any valid on-street parking space in the city, metered or non-metered areas. Not valid within 50ft of an intersection without a traffic signal.
  • What it allows: The reservation of on-street parking to facilitate residential or commercial moves, construction, and other related uses. Number of spaces requested by applicant.
  • How long it is good for: Up to 26 weeks, with start and end dates requested by applicant.
  • Price: varies by type of parking, the number of spaces, and the duration. See cost estimates here:
  • Processing time: 8-10 business days, on average. Actual processing times may vary. Processing time starts when a complete and accurate application is submitted. See our Processing Timeline for details.

Apply for SIMPLE Temporary Street Use Permit