Apply for a PARK(ing) day permit

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) issues PARK(ing) Day permits to allow residents, designers, businesses, students, community organizations and artists to temporarily transform parking spaces into public spaces. This international event takes place the third Friday in September.

This application takes 10-30 minutes to complete, additional requirements may take longer. Permits are typically issued within 2-7 business days.

Program Update - August 8, 2021.

PBOT’s Portland in the Streets team paused our PARK(ing) Day program in response to the ongoing Covid-19 public health crisis. Please visit our Healthy Businesses program instead to see what options are available starting June 2021:

What is a Healthy Businesses permit? 

As always, we remain committed to all the ways we use our public space for community building and connection, even if we can’t do what we normally do.

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Choose your location

Residents, designers, businesses, students, artists, activists, and community organizations can use Portland streets for creative placemaking and street prototyping. Email for community partner ideas and connections.

All park(ing) day installations must be located in existing on street parking spaces. The spaces must:

  • Be on a street with a speed limit of 30 mph or less
  • Not be immediately adjacent to rail tracks
  • Not be in a disabled parking space or truck loading zone
  • Must adhere to parking restrictions (e.g. no parking 4-6 pm)
  • Be located at least 40 feet away from a bust stop
  • Be located at least 5 feet away from an alley or driveway

You can check all our requirements in the Park(ing) Day guide:

Design your space

Use your imagination and get creative with your parking space! Think about how you want to engage with the community and what elements you would like to include in the space.

Please see our design guide for specific design requirements:

Notify neighbors and businesses

You must submit proof that you’ve notified all residents and businesses adjacent to your installation.

Complete and email the permit application

Wait for processing and review

Once we receive your completed application with all the necessary information, we will do an initial review of your request. When this initial review is complete, we will send you an email update.

We will then assign your request to be reviewed by our traffic engineers. During their review, they may contact you for more information or to notify you of changes to your proposed plan.

Build your installation

When the permit has been reviewed and approved, we will email you the permit. Print and display the permit at your site on PARK(ing) Day. If you are located within a metered district, parking enforcement officers will place reservation devices. If you are outside a metered district, we will email you no parking signs that you will need to place.

Create your pop-up public space. You can start installing at 7am on Friday and should plan to break down your installation by dark. In the past, many people visited the Park(ing) day installations. We will have a map available on our website of all the installations.