Memorial Day closure

Most City of Portland offices will be closed Monday, May 27, in observance of Memorial Day.

Documents for non-metered parking reservation permit

These documents are to be used when reserving parking with a non-metered parking reservation permit.

The below documents require a valid application number from an issued permit.  To obtain a permit so you can use the below documents, start the process by completing an application.

To successfully use your non-metered parking reservation permit, you will need the 3 documents below.


The PERMIT ID CARD must be properly filled out and placed in the dash of any vehicle parked in the space(s). If a container will be placed in the spaces, affix the PERMIT ID CARD to the street side of the container.

The PERMIT ID CARD must contain your APPLICATION #, STREET NAME, and START DATE and END DATE. Failure to fill out the PERMIT ID CARD with the required information renders it invalid.

NO PARKING SIGNS (Must print in color)

Like the PERMIT ID CARD, you must validate your NO PARKING SIGNS by filling them out with your APPLICATION #, STREET NAME, START DATE ad END DATE, and FOOTAGE. Failure to provide the required information renders the NO PARKING SIGNS invalid.

The NO PARKING SIGNS must be printed IN COLOR. Each sign should be filled out with your APPLICATION #, STREET NAME, and START DATE and END DATE. Signs should be placed no more than 40ft apart, with the arrows on the outer two signs pointing at each other.


Now that you’ve obtained the permit to reserve non-metered parking, you can proceed with placing the parking reservation signs.  Once you’ve placed the signs, you’ll need to call Parking Enforcement and arrange to have your signs verified.  This means that an officer will come inspect the placement of your signs; this service costs $60.  72 hours after your signs have been verified, you will be able to call Parking Enforcement to have illegally-parked vehicles towed out of your reserved area.  Each call for enforcement will result in an additional $60 charge.  

Please note that this means you’ll need to post your signs at least 72 hours prior to the permit start date. 

If you do not have your parking signs verified by Parking Enforcement, you will not be able to call and have any illegally-parked vehicles towed from your reserved zone.