Joint Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee - November 2023 Meeting

Public Meeting
November 2023 joint meeting of the Portland Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committees.
6:00 pm 8:30 pm

Connection Instructions

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. Please note this joint meeting is scheduled during the Bicycle Advisory Committee's (BAC) recurring meeting time and uses the regular bicycle meeting link.


6:00-6:10 – Public Comment (10 min)

6:10-6:25 – Introductions/Announcements (15 min)

6:25-6:40 – PBOT's Budget (15 min)
Art Pearce, Director of PBOT’s Policy, Planning and Projects Group, will provide an update on the outlook for PBOT’s FY 24-25 budget.

6:40-6:50 – NE 33rd Avenue: What went wrong? Lessons learned. (10 min)
Art will continue with a recounting of PBOT’s approach to addressing mistakes made on NE 33rd Avenue. Discussion to continue later in meeting.

6:50-7:50 – Interstate Bridge Freeway Program: Pre-SDEIS Briefing and project update (60 min)
IBR representatives, with assistance from PBOT Project Manager Patrick Sweeney, will bring the committees up to date on the pending 60-day public comment period for the IBR Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement and general project progress. Topics City staff have been tracking include how the Modified Locally Preferred Alternative will address Conditions of Approval to connect to the City’s existing all-ages-and-abilities active transportation network, active transportation connections between MAX station areas, noise impacts to the active transportation facility in proximity of the freeway travel lanes, and urban design of local complete streets included in the Modified Locally Preferred Alternative (MLPA).

7:50-8:20 – Committee Discussion: bicycle lane removals (30 min)
Discussion about NE 33rd Avenue. Finalizing of BAC letters regarding planned and cancelled removal of bicycle lanes on NW/SW Broadway

8:20-8:30 – Public Comment (10 mins)

8:30 – Adjourn

Meeting Materials

City resolution to adopt the Modified Locally Preferred Alternative for IBR

Meeting Notes