Update on SE 162nd Ave Safety and Access to Transit project

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162nd and Grant new crossing

Dec. 22, 2022) Construction on the SE 162nd Ave Safety and Access to Transit Project on SE 162nd Ave between SE Stark St and SE Powell Blvd continues! 

In the next few weeks you should expect:

  • Crews preparing for icy, windy weather by nailing down and sandbagging traffic control supplies.
  • Concrete construction crews to pause work between Dec. 26 and Jan. 2. The first week of January, concrete work will resume work on bus stop boarding pad curb extensions, pedestrian island crossings, and bike lane separation.
  • Electric crews working on SE 162nd Ave between Dec. 27 and Dec. 30 to install light pole foundations in the islands of the new pedestrian crossings.
  • If you ride TriMet line 74, please visit trimet.org to learn more about impacts to bus schedules

Reminder: Bike lane design on SE 162nd Ave

As a reminder, PBOT will be installing ‘wide buffered bike lanes’ instead of on-street parking protected bike lanes on SE 162nd Ave. This was decided to be the best fit for the street because of the amount of driveways on SE 162nd Ave. The parking protected bike lane design resulted in too few remaining parking spaces - and parking spaces very spread out along the street – resulting in many single ‘floating’ cars. The chosen bike lane design is a wide buffered bike lane with raised island protection at intersections to reduce the ability of vehicles to use the bike lane as a right turn lane.