SW Capitol Highway project goes to bid

News Article
The city is seeking bids from private construction firms to construct the SW Capitol Highway: Multnomah Village - West Portland project. Utility relocation continues on the corridor.

PBOT and its partners at the Bureau of Environmental Services and Water Bureau have completed the SW Capitol Highway: Multnomah Village - West Portland project final design plans, specifications and bid documents. Earlier this week, PBOT transmitted this massive collection of files to City of Portland Procurement Services to advertise the project for bids from private construction firms. The bid advertisement is anticipated to post late next week or early the following week, kicking off an approximately three-month process to secure the construction contractor. By April we should know what firm is awarded the contract, and in May we will have a more detailed construction schedule to share. We anticipate breaking ground in June.

Meanwhile, utility relocation work has ramped up again on SW Capitol Highway. Currently, CenturyLink/Lumen is very active in the corridor, moving cables from the east side of the road to the west side, and burying some cables underground in a handful of locations. Later in this process, old utility poles will be removed from the east side of the roadway. We appreciate everyone's patience as lanes are occasionally closed and some additional noise occurs during approved work hours. We are also addressing some complaints of cables being left on private property.

Stay tuned as we move through the procurement process and select our contractor. We anticipate hosting an on-line information session in May with our contractor to give the neighborhood a detailed picture of the construction activity that will take place throughout the second half of 2021 and much of 2022.