Red Electric Bridge Schedule Update

News Article
Update on the schedule of the Red Electric Bridge Project.

Thank you for your interest in the Red Electric Bridge project.  As you may remember, the bids that we received at the end of November 2018 came in significantly higher than anticipated and we were not able to award the contract. This was a frustrating setback. Our approach moving forward is to redesign some elements of the project and rebid in hopes of getting a better price. The design changes will include a different type of foundation and minor changes to the bridge rail. The design will remain fundamentally the same in terms of the route and the aesthetic.

We originally planned to rebid the project in the fall of 2019 and begin construction in spring of 2020. Unfortunately, it took significantly longer than anticipated to amend the contract with the design consultant. That contract amendment was released last week and the redesign will kick off in December. The current plan is to rebid the project in the summer of 2020. Because some of the bridge work is weather dependent, construction will not be completed until Spring of 2021.