Neighborhood Greenway Traffic Calming Projects

A white sportscar goes over a speed bump along a Neighborhood Greenway.
Projects to add speed bumps and other traffic operational improvements on existing neighborhood greenways. Funded by the Fixing Our Streets program.
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UPDATED: What is happening now?

Projects for 2023 construction are in contracting and most are still expected to be constructed in 2023. Those projects include NE 38th, NE Hancock to NE Wistaria, and SE 87th, SE Taylor to SE Market. NE Alberta is still awaiting contracting and may be delayed until 2024.

Where are projects taking place?

Project LocationsSpeed bumpsConstruction YearAdditional Improvements
NE Everett Greenway, NE 47th to NE 58th92021 
NE Hancock connection, N Williams to NE MLK42021 
N Wabash greenway, N Lombard to N Willamette*52022 
N Bryant Greenway, N Villard to N Oatman42022 
N Kilpatrick Greenway, N Washburne to N Dana*52022 
SE Umatilla Greenway, SE 17th to SE 23rd52022Parking visibility setbacks at SE 17th Avenue.
SW Idaho Dr Greenway, East of SW 45th to SW Vermont32022 
N Michigan Greenway, NE Alberta  ot Killingsworth*52022Concrete surface improvements and repairs from N Webster to N Killingsworth streets.
NE Davis Greenway, NE 60th to NE 71st*102022 
SW 52nd Greenway, SW Florida to SW Nevada32022Asphalt street improvements with speed bump installation.
SW 60th Greenway, SW Vermont to SW Canby*102022 
NE Tillamook Greenway, NE 62nd to NE 72nd142022Includes speed bumps on NE 62nd between Halsey and Thompson.
NE Couch Greenway/Connection, NE 16th to NE 41stTBD2022Stop sign re-orientation.
SE Ankeny Greenway, SE 28th to SE 41st*142022-2023Median island at SE 32nd Avenue modifications; new pavement markings and signs.
NE Hancock Greenway, NE 43rd to NE 62ndTBD2022-2023Stop sign re-orientation and additions; updated pavement markings.
SE-NE 41st/42nd/43rd Greenway, NE Glisan to SE PowellTBD2023-2024Improved access to signal activation at NE Glisan and 41st; bike box at SE Powell (complete); stop sign re-orientation (complete).
NE 72nd Greenway, NE Klickitat to NE SacramentoN/A2022-2023Stop sign additions; pavement marking updates.
SE Bush Greenway, SE 122nd to SE 148thN/A2022-2023Crosswalk and bike lane additions; updated pavement markings.
NE 38th Greenway, NE Klickitat to NE Tillamook102023 
NE Alberta, 42nd to Cully Blvd102023Infill bumps to meet target speeds. NE Alberta, Cully to 72nd will be completed with the Cully Improvement Projects.
SE 87th Greenway, SE Taylor to SE Market62023 
NE 37th Greenway, NE Killingsworth to NE Alameda20*2024Stop sign changes at NE Alberta and NE 37th and NE Shaver and NE 37th.
SE Salmon Greenway, SE 7th to SE 35thTBD2024 
SE Gladstone/Center Greenway, SE 42nd to SE 82ndTBD2024-2025Stop sign additions; intersection improvement at 52nd.
N Gilbert Greenway, N Lombard to N SmithTBD2025Pavement marking updates.
*bike-friendly bumps with channels installed   

How were the projects chosen?

In 2015, City Council adopted the Neighborhood Greenway Assessment Report. The report includes operating guidelines for neighborhood greenways, specifically the amount of traffic and overall speeds. 

In 2020, the Fixing Our Street program included $2.5m to help retrofit existing greenways to lower traffic speeds and volumes and create safer, more comfortable places to walk, bike, and roll. Staff identified neighborhood greenway corridors needing updates based on existing infrastructure and traffic data. The corridors are listed in the section above.

Will my street be considered?

If you live on a neighborhood greenway, contact program staff to discuss potential improvements.