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West Burnside Safety Improvements

As a component of PBOT’s Vision Zero effort, the Bureau is improving safety on West Burnside Street with an array of safety projects, including new sidewalk, new crossings, and multimodal design updates to improve the flow of all traffic.
W Burnside Safety Project Open House collage
Completed Fall 2019
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Project Background

Originally named B Street, Burnside Street has played an important role in Portland’s transportation network since its establishment in 1912 as the city’s primary east-west axis.

A designated High Crash Corridor, PBOT evaluated existing conditions on E/W Burnside in 2012 and 2013, documenting an alarming rate of crashes involving pedestrians. The incidence of pedestrian crashes on Burnside is about three times higher than the citywide average; 76% of these pedestrian crashes occurred west of the Burnside Bridge.

Project Components

Safety improvements include:

W Burnside Sidewalk Infill from NW 24th Place to NW Uptown Terrace
This project will install new sidewalk and an accompanying retaining wall on the north side of W Burnside from NW 24th to Uptown Terrace. ADA ramps at W Burnside and 24th will also be improved. 

W Burnside sidewalk infill
W Burnside sidewalk infill before and after

W Burnside and 20th Place Crossing Improvement
This project will install a new traffic signal at the existing marked crosswalk at 20th Place, improving pedestrian safety. The project will close the 25-foot section of 20th Place between Burnside and Morrison, creating a larger plaza and combined TriMet stop.

W Burnside Multimodal Project at 18th/19th Avenue
This project will implement the Preferred Alternative Design developed in the West Burnside Multimodal Study, improving pedestrian and bicycle access across W Burnside at 18th and 19th, as well as access to TriMet. New crosswalks, bike lanes, and vehicle turn lanes will be installed on NW 18th & 19th. 

W Burnside multimodal project before-after

I-405 Crossing Improvements on W Burnside and NW Couch
Pedestrian crossings improvements across I-405 on W Burnside and NW Couch are funded via the Downtown I-405 Pedestrian Safety and Operational Improvements project. The project involves new marked crossings, curb extensions, and traffic signal upgrades. The project was conceived during the 2012 Pearl District Access and Circulation Plan.

Map illustrating improvements for the Downtown I-405 Pedestrian Safety and Operational Improvements project

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