West Burnside Multimodal Project

This project will implement the Preferred Alternative Design developed in the West Burnside Multimodal Study, improving pedestrian and bicycle access across W Burnside at 18th and 19th, as well as access to TriMet.
W Burnside multimodal project birdseye plan
Completed 2018
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Project Background

PBOT is leading the West Burnside Multimodal Study to evaluate improvement, safety, and accessibility opportunities along and across West Burnside Street between 15th Avenue and 20th Avenue.

W Burnside multimodal project conditions

Because West Burnside Street is a designated High Crash Corridor with a pedestrian crash rate approximately three times higher than the citywide average, these improvements will further the City’s Vision Zero safety goals.

West Burnside Street is a major east‐west travel route through downtown Portland and connects to the West Hills and areas to the west of the city. On an average day, 21,000 to 25,000 vehicles use the undivided four‐lane street to travel east or west along the blocks between Interstate 405 (I‐405) and the West Hills.

West Burnside Street acts as a barrier to north‐south movement for cyclists and pedestrians. The existing configuration around 18th and 19th

W Burnside multimodal project existing conditions

Avenues and Alder and West Burnside Streets is especially problematic because it does not allow for comfortable pedestrian or cyclist crossings, vehicle and TriMet operations are not intuitive, and eastbound vehicle speeds on Alder Street are excessive. 

As part of the project new crosswalks, bike lanes, and vehicle turn lanes will be installed on NW 18th and 19th Avenues. This project belongs to a series of improvements on West Burnside Street.

W Burnside multimodal project extents map

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