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W Burnside Street at St. Clair Avenue Pedestrian Crossing

Engineering And Design
This project will add a pedestrian crossing with a signal on W Burnside Street at St. Clair Avenue.
Design concept of a new crosswalk featuring a pedestrian hybrid beacon on West Burnside Street at SW St. Clair Avenue. (Design subject to change.)
Spring 2025

What's Happening Now?

We are designing the project. Currently working toward 60% design.

Project Background

PBOT will construct a pedestrian crossing with a signal to help people cross W Burnside Street at St. Clair Avenue. W Burnside Street is on Portland's High Crash Network and is a priority for safety improvements.

This project will fill a pedestrian crossing gap of approximately 1,000 feet between the signals at 21st and 23rd avenues. It will connect the NW District to Goose Hollow, serve commercial destinations on W Burnside Street, and support a high-ridership TriMet bus stop serving lines 15, 18, and 20.

Design Details

This project will include:

  • A new pedestrian crossing with a pedestrian hybrid beacon equipped with Accessible Pedestrian Systems
  • Rebuilt curb ramps that meet current standards for accessibility
  • Left turns prohibited from northbound SW St. Clair Ave. to westbound W Burnside St. to protect crosswalk users
  • The image at the top of the page shows what a pedestrian hybrid beacon at this location may look like (image does not show all project elements and is subject to change)

Project Funding

$1.1 million from local and state/federal sources, including All Roads Transportation Safety, public parking revenue, and local cannabis tax revenue.