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Tryon-Stephens Neighborhood Street Improvement Project- SW Capitol Hill Rd/SW Troy/Canby Ct

Engineering And Design
PBOT will be improving several local streets in the Tryon Creek and Stephens Creek watersheds in southwest Portland by paving gravel streets, adding sidewalks or walkways, or a combination. Funding comes from the Local Transportation Infrastructure Charge (LTIC) and other sources.
Construction: Spring 2025

Project Overview

This Local Transportation Infrastructure Charge (LTIC) project improve walking and bicycling with a new sidewalk (approx. 2,400 ft.), bike lane striping, street lighting improvements, concrete islands, curb extensions, and stormwater improvements.

New sidewalk segments:

  • Connect existing sidewalk on west side of SW Capitol Hill Rd from SW Barbur Blvd to SW 21st Ave.
  • Sidewalk on SW Capitol Hill Rd- SW 21st Ave to SW 17th Dr (Side of street; TBD).
  • Sidewalk on south side of SW Troy- SW 28th Ave 

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What’s Happening Now?

(Updated Dec 2023)

The design team completed 15% Design and is now working on 30% Design.  Project scope cuts will be made after 30% design due to budget constraints. The project budget was created in 2017 and can no longer cover the original project scope due to inflation and the increase in construction costs/materials.

Project Background

In 2016 City Council adopted the Local Transportation Infrastructure Charge (LTIC), a fee that developers pay along unimproved streets in single-family zoning areas as an alternative to constructing sidewalks. Council then directed PBOT staff to develop an investment strategy for these funds. Using a methodology that included equity, effectiveness and efficiency, staff developed and Council adopted a strategy to invest collected LTIC funds in three areas: Cully in northeast Portland, Division-Midway in outer southeast Portland, and the Tryon-Stephens headwaters area in southwest Portland. These three areas had high needs in terms of unimproved streets that serve as important routes to neighborhood destinations, and underserved populations including high proportions of people of color, people with lower incomes, and people that rent their homes. The three areas also had neighborhood street plans adopted by City Council, identifying locations for investment.

In the Tryon Creek and Stephens Creek watersheds of southwest Portland, the goal of the project is to strategically invest in streets that lead to important destinations such parks, schools, and frequent transit lines, and that have stormwater issues such as erosion and flooding that need to be addressed. In addition, investment in the West Portland Park neighborhood is a commitment to equity in one of the most diverse areas of southwest Portland.

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Image of design elements currently getting feedback on

Project Timeline

Topographic survey: 2021 - 2022

Design engineering: March 2023 - Jan 2025

Public Involvement: August- September 2023

Construction: Early 2025

Public Involvement


  • October
    • Meeting with Multnomah Neighborhood Association (MNA): Joined MNA for a bike ride along project corridor and attended MNA open house.
  • September
    • Presentation: Presented project to SW Trails and got feedback about the design
    • Virtual Survey: Online survey open for one month gathering feedback about the design and collected data about preferences
    • Open House: Held two virtual open houses on Sep 13th and Sep 14th to give an overview of the design and gather feedback from the community about several design elements. Tryon-Stephens: Capitol Hill Rd & Troy Canby Street Improvements Virtual Open House 9/13/23
    • Postcards: Sent postcards to the surrounding neighborhood alerting them about the project and inviting them to the virtual open houses.
  • August
    • Flyered: Project team distributed flyers to homes located on SW Troy and SW Capitol Hill Rd with project information, online survey, and open house dates to homes on SW Capitol Hill Rd and SW Troy.
    • Tabled: Tabled at Multnomah Days with a poster board displaying improvements and received community feedback about the project.

Project Funding


Most project funding comes from LTIC as described above. Other funding on the project includes:

  • General Fund: Discretionary city funds authorized by City Council, under the “Up Out of the Mud” initiative
  • Portland Bureau of Environmental Services: PBOT is in a partnership with BES due to the need to upgrade stormwater management infrastructure in the project area

Additional Resources

Tryon-Stephens Headwaters Neighborhood Street Plan