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SW Taylors Ferry & SW 17th Ave Crossing Improvement

Engineering And Design
The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) will create a safer crossing at SW Taylors Ferry Road and SW 17th Avenue by striping a crosswalk and creating a safer walking shoulder along SW 17th from Orchid to Taylors Ferry to provide a link in the Hillsdale – Lake Oswego Trail.
Construction completed by Summer 2024.
Image of design at SW Taylors Ferry

What’s happening now? (Updated Feb 2024)

The project is currently at 95% design with construction expected in late early summer 2024. 

Project Description

An image of the 4-cushion speed bump that will be installed on SW Taylors Ferry

Phase 1 (Construction Complete): Install two speed cushions (fire bureau-friendly) on SW Taylors Ferry Rd. One cushion east of SW 17th Ave and one west of SW 17th Ave

Phase 2 (In Design): Mark one crosswalk on the East side of SW Taylors Ferry and build protected safer shoulder along the east side of SW 17th Ave from SW Orchid Ave to SW Taylors Ferry Ave. The protected safer shoulder will be a pathway for residents protected by concrete barriers. Vegetation leading to SW 17th Ave will be removed and prevented from growing back to allow drivers to see pedestrians from further away. One Douglas-fir tree on the south side of SW Taylors Ferry Rd will need to be removed to create a paved shoulder.

Project Background 

SW Trails identified the need for a safer crossing at the intersection of SW Taylors Ferry Rd and SW 17th Ave for a better connection in the Hillsdale to Lake Oswego Trail. They have secured funding for the enhancement and PBOT is building the improvement.

Image of SW Trail's Hillsdale to Lake Oswego Trail, noting the difficult connection on SW 17th.

Project Timeline

Survey: Dec 2022- March 2023
Design: March 2023- December 2023
Public Involvement: June 2023, March 2024
Construction: Summer 2024

Public Outreach



- Project manager did door-to-door outreach to alert neighbors on SW Taylors Ferry Rd about the new speed cushions.


- Presented updated design to SW Trails, discussed several options for crossing location.


- Presented to Marshall Park Neighborhood Association, the members expressed concern about the high speeds on SW Taylors Ferry. This led to the incorporation of speed cushions into the design.

Project Funding

PBOT was given a $789,000 Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund grant that was awarded to community group SW Trails Inc.