SW Ridge Neighborhood Greenway- SW 35th Drive to SW Taylors Ferry Road

Engineering And Design
Design and implement a neighborhood greenway along SW Ridge Drive and SW Wilbard Street between SW 35th Drive and SW Taylors Ferry Road. Project by the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT).
Construction set to be completed in summer 2024.
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A new neighborhood greenway on SW Ridge Drive and other local streets between SW 35th Drive and SW Taylors Ferry Road. This project will reduce speeds and add wayfinding signs and pavement markings.

What’s happening now? (Updated April 2024)

Most of the project construction is now complete. Additional parking signage will be added soon. 

bike crossing
bike sharrows

Project Description

Design and implement a neighborhood greenway on SW Ridge Drive and SW Wilbard Street from SW 35th Drive to SW Taylors Ferry Road, approximately 3/4 of one mile. This neighborhood greenway project builds a connection between recent projects on SW 26th Avenue (multiuse path completed in 2023) and SW 35th Avenue (bike lanes completed in 2022).

Neighborhood greenways are low-traffic and low-speed streets where we give priority to people walking, bicycling, and rolling. Neighborhood greenways form the backbone of the city’s Safe Routes to School network and connect neighborhoods, parks, schools, and business districts.

The project design will include sharrows, wayfinding signs, and crossing improvements. 

Type of ImprovementExample 


The sharrow markings indicate where to ride on the street, and can also serve as a helpful wayfinding tool.

Two people riding bikes on a street with a sharrow

Wayfinding Signs

Distance and estimated travel times for popular destinations are posted on signs throughout the network.

Image of a cycling wayfinding sign from SE Portland

Bike Crossing Improvements

Make people driving more aware of bikes crossing

Image of crossbike treatment

Project Background 

This improvement was identified in the Southwest in Motion Plan (SWIM). Southwest In Motion is prioritization, refinement, and implementation strategy for active transportation investments in Southwest Portland. The Southwest in Motion plan was adopted by Portland City Council in December 2019. 

According to online SWIM survey results from summer 2023, residents noted this project as one of the priority projects among a selection of low-cost projects eligible for Fixing Our Streets 10-cent gas tax funds.

Parking Removal

There will be a small amount of parking removal associated with this project. PBOT aims to daylight the corners by removing approximately 20' of on-street parking at intersections to make people and vehicles more visible while using or crossing the neighborhood greenway. You can learn more about PBOT's parking visibility guidelines here.

To see specific locations where parking removal is taking place please view the document below:

Project Timeline

Summer 2023: Public Outreach by the SW in Motion PBOT team through online SWIM survey.
Spring 2024: Final Design. Public Outreach.
Summer 2024: Construction.

Public Outreach


Parking Removal Letters: Letters were mailed to residents and homeowners who lived adjacent to areas with parking removal.


May- June: Online Survey: PBOT had an online survey open for two months for SW residents to choose their top project priorities from the SWIM. The survey results can be found here.

2018- 2019

SW in Motion Plan: Extensive outreach was done to gather feedback for the SW in Motion Plan which highlights project needs in SW Portland.

Project Funding

This project is funded by Fixing Our Streets, Portland's voter-approved 10-cent gas tax and heavy vehicle use tax for fixing our streets and making them safer for all. Funds support the work of the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) to repave streets and fix potholes, build sidewalks, install new signals and streetlights, and much more.