SW Naito Parkway Main Street

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This project will reconfigure the Ross Island Bridgehead to improve connections and open space for development. Further design engineering and construction for this project does not have funding. This project is on hold indefinitely.
SW Naito Main Street rendering
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Project Background

Reconfiguring the Ross Island Bridgehead is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reconnect a part of South Portland to SW Naito Parkway and land uses that contribute to a healthy connected community while also supporting Portland’s first historic district. This project will not only improve connections for regional commuters and reduce cut-through traffic but will also open up publicly owned land for development of much needed housing. Redirection of traffic and improved pedestrian and bicycle connections will allow residents to safely reach currently inaccessible parts of their neighborhood and rebuild local street connections between South Portland neighborhoods.

Harmful impacts from past auto infrastructure projects, land use regulations, urban renewal, and real estate practices shaped the growth in South Portland for generations. In an effort to remedy some of the harm done, the City is committed to ensure new transportation infrastructure, land use plans, and housing investments redress these past harms to low-income people and communities of color. 

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This project will fit alongside two other major planning projects in this area: updates for the South Portland Historic District Guidelines and the SW Corridor proposed light rail (MAX) line/station on Barbur Blvd. 


This project is a partnership between the Portland Bureau of Transportation and the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS). To learn more about this project and other planning projects in South Portland, please visit the BPS website.

Planning Documents

View the completed Conceptual Design Report