SW Bertha Boulevard (SW Vermont St. to SW Barbur Blvd.)

Engineering And Design
The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) will reconfigure this roadway as a protected bike lane. The project limits are along S Bertha Blvd. from SW Vermont St. to SW Barbur Blvd. The intent is to reorganize the roadway to provide protected bike lanes.

What's Happening Now?

The project is currently in the design phase, we are reaching completion of the 30% Design Milestone. We expect design  completion early Summer 2024.

Project Background

The SW Bertha Blvd. project will be among the first projects delivered under the Fixing Our Streets program funded by a local gas tax increase. SW Vermont St is a neighborhood collector street running east-west through a suburban residential neighborhood. The roadway carries approximately 8,000 vehicles per day and features TriMet bus service (lines 1, 45, and 64). Like many of the roadways in Southwest Portland, SW Vermont St features a rural design in segments with discontinuous bicycle and pedestrian facilities along the corridor. At the request of neighborhood advocates, the project team has been tasked with addressing some of these deficiencies within the scope of the project. To help accomplish this goal, a modest amount of additional funding may be provided from System Development Charges.

This project is recommended in the Southwest in Motion plan and it is funded in part by Fixing Our Streets.

Existing Condition and Need

SW Bertha Blvd. connects Hillsdale Town Center to shopping, transit and future SW Corridor Light Rail on Barbur Blvd. The reallocation of the center turn lane will be explored, segments of this corridor should preserve turn lane for access and circulation movement. 

Project Components

To address issues of pavement maintenance, SW Bertha Blvd. will be upgraded by a process called micro-surfacing. This process will extend the life of the asphalt pavement. Any ramps that were not up to current ADA standards will be upgraded. This type of paving maintenance will save Portlander's money by fixing issues before they get worse and cost more money to fix.

This project will also upgrade and improve the pedestrian crosswalk at the intersection of SW Bertha Blvd. and SW Chestnut Dr.

Design Concept

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Project Funding

$200,000 from Fixing Our Streets program. The Fixing Our Streets $0.10 per gallon fuel tax was approved by voters in May 2016 and again in May 2020.