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SW 45th Flower Pl. to Vermont St. Pavement Project

Engineering And Design
PBOT will place new Aspalt Concrete along SW 4th. Ave. from SW Vermont St. to SW Cameron Rd. This includes new pedestrian crossings, multi-use paths, ADA Ramps, roadway striping and new sidewalks. In addition, this project will include a raised bike-lane and pedestrian walkway.
Construction from May 2025 to August 2025
Location Description
SW 45th St. between SW Vermont St. to Flower Place.
Businesses Affected
Residences Affected
SW 45th Main Pic

What's Happening Now

Construction Update:

PBOT is currently at a 60% Design Status, we are reviewing the design internally to ensure all safety elements are included with the final project. We are expecting the 95% Design Milestone to be complete in August 2024. 

Scope of Work 

  • New sidewalk along the East side of SW 45th. Ave. from SW Iowa St. to SW Flower Dr. 
  • New 2in. grind and pave asphalt concrete along SW 45th Ave. from SW Vermont St. to SW Cameron Rd.
  • New ADA Ramps at NE and SE corners of the intersection SW 45th. Ave. and SE Idaho Dr.
  • New ADA Ramps at NE and SE corners of the intersection SW 45th. Ave. and SE Iowa St.
  • New ADA Ramps at NE, SE and NW corners of the intersection SW 45th. Ave. and SW Pendleton St.
  • Parking Projected Bike Lanes 
  • Raised Bike-Lanes and Pedestrian Walkway (Multi-Use Path)

Existing Condition and Need

Bike/pedestrian connectivity along the SW 45th. Ave. corridor between SW Vermont St. and SW Cameron Rd. concerns the neighborhood. A recently completed capital project had installed continuous bicycle lanes and southside sidewalk east of the SW 45th Ave (another neighborhood collector with a signalized intersection at SW Vermont St). However, the southside sidewalk extended only another two blocks west to SW Idaho Dr., and bike lanes terminated at SW 45th Ave. Neighborhood advocates strongly desire an improved bike/pedestrian connection to an existing neighborhood greenway facility which extends northward from SW Vermont St at SW 50th Ave and southward from SW Vermont St at SW 52nd Ave. The challenge for the project team is to develop a design that fulfills the desires of the neighborhood with the limited funding available. 

What is the final design? 

SW 45th Ave. from SW Idaho Dr. to SW Iowa St. 

SW 45th  - Idaho to Iowa

SW 45th Ave. from SW Iowa St. to SW Flower Pl. 

SW 45th. Iowa St

SW 45th Ave. from SW Flower Pl. to SW Cameron Rd.  

SW 45th @ Cameron Rd.

Project Background

Providing sidewalks and bike lanes on this segment of SW Capitol Highway has been a community priority for nearly 30 years. This segment, between SW Garden Home Road and SW Taylors Ferry Road, hosts over 8,000 vehicles per day, is served by TriMet’s #44 bus line, and currently has no sidewalks, bike lanes, pedestrian crossings or standard stormwater facilities.

The city’s project development process for this corridor began with the Capitol Highway Plan in 1996 and continued with the SW Capitol Highway Plan Refinement Report in 2011 and the Capitol Highway Corridor Stormwater Concept Design in 2016. In each of these cases, the city faced challenges in developing a buildable project with limited funding and challenging physical constraints.

In 2016 and 2017 sufficient funding came together from the voter-approved "Fixing Our Streets" ten-cent gas tax, development charges, Environmental Services, Water Bureau, and the State of Oregon, allowing the project to advance. The project team worked closely with the community from 2016 through 2020 to refine the design and discuss property and neighborhood impacts and benefits. 

Project Funding

This joint PBOT-BES-PWB project is funded through the Fixing Our Streets city gas tax, Transportation System Development Charges, Oregon Lottery-backed bonds authorized by the 2017 State Legislature, Bureau of Environmental Services funds, and Water Bureau funds. Fixing Our Streets is contributing roughly $2.3 million to this project. 

SW Capitol Hwy joint partners logos

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