Southwest in Motion: Crossing Enhancement Projects

Under Construction
This project upgrades a number of street crossings throughout South and Southwest Portland.
SW in Motion: Crossing improvements at SW 45th Avenue and Pendleton Street (photo taken by Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT)
Construction 2021
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What’s happening now?

A number of these crossing projects have already begun. These projects are guided and informed by Southwest in Motion.

Project Components

Crossings enhancement locations, descriptions and status updates are shown in the table below. The Project ID is from the Southwest in Motion plan, linked above. Status updates that show "work order submitted" means the design has been completed and is ready for construction to begin when weather and schedule allow. 

Project IDLocationDescriptionStatus Update
C-02SW Arnold at SW LancasterIntersection alignment/corner radii adjustments using striping and delineator posts to slow turning vehicles.Completed
C-08SW Capitol Hwy and VermontAdd crossings across SW Capitol Hwy from Vermont.In Design
C-09SW 45th Ave and SWUT #3Add advance pedestrian crossing signs and lighting.Completed
C-10Bike Crossing: SW B-Hillsdale Hwy & Bertha BlvdRestriping to shorten bicycle exposure/conflict area.Complete
C-11Bike Crossing: SW Terwilliger Blvd and I-5 RampUse a combination of line markings, an active warning, and an island. ODOT facilities coordination. In project development
C-12SW Vista Ave and Montgomery Dr Crossing ImprovementsAdd signing, markings, and delineators to enhance the crossing of SW Vista Ave. Parking removed to improve sight distance.Completed
C-15SW 45th at SW PendletonAdd crossing of SW 45th Ave.Completed
C-16SW 45th at SW IllinoisAdd mid block crossing and add lighting at transit stop on the west side of the street.


C-17SW Patton Rd at SW Greenway and SW Talbot RdSigning and markings to create a crossing of SW Patton Rd. Bike facilities added from Greenway to Montgomery. 


C-19SW Garden Home Road at SW 45thUse a combination of signing and markings to enhance the crossing of SW Garden Home Rd for people walking. Completed
N/ASW 45th and CarsonSigning and striping for a crosswalk on north leg. Combined with C-19 crossings at SW Garden Home Road at SW 45th.Completed
C-21SW Terwilliger Blvd at SW 7thUse a combination of signage and markings so people walking can cross SW 7th Ave along Terwilliger Blvd.Completed
C-22SW 30th at SW Bertha BlvdUse line markings (paint and posts) and signage to provide a safe crossing for people walking across SW 30th Ave.


C-23SW Capitol Hill Rd at SW Bertha BlvdMarked crossing added on SW Capitol Hill Rd. Right turn lane on Bertha Blvd from Vermont to Capitol Hill Rd removed and turn into protected bike lane.Completed

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