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Simpson Greenway/42nd Ave Crossing

This project will add a new neighborhood greenway on NE 41st Ave from Holman to Simpson Ct, Simpson Ct from 41st to Simpson St, and Simpson St from Simpson Ct to 55th. This will connect the existing Holman Greenway and the upcoming 50s Greenway in the Cully neighborhood.
Connected Cully project map
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This project is complete.

Project Components

New Stop Signs - Most intersections in this area are uncontrolled, meaning neither leg has a stop sign. New stop signs will be added on side streets approaching NE Simpson to help keep people safe. If you see a wooden stake near your property, it might be marking the location of a new sign.

Parking Setback Updates - Daylighting, or setting on-street parking further back from intersections and pedestrian crossings, is current best practice in cities across the country. In Oregon, state law allows cities to set their own regulations regarding intersection approaches. In the past, Portland has not required daylighting intersections. As part of this project, new “No Parking” signs will be installed to improve visibility and safety. 

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42nd Ave Crossing - A new marked crossing of 42nd at Simpson Ct/Ainsworth St will make it easier and safer to cross.

Speed Bump Infill - Simpson already has some speed bumps, but they are spaced further apart than current standards recommend. To help keep speeds low and comfortable for all users, new speed bumps will be added.

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