SE Division Streetscape Project: SE 11th Avenue to SE Cesar Chavez Boulevard

The Portland Bureau of Transportation and Bureau of Environmental Services completed the replacement of sewer pipe, installation of stormwater management, and updated the streetscape design on SE Division Street from SE 11th Avenue to SE Cesar Chavez Boulevard.
Complete October 2014
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Project Overview

The two bureaus teamed up to tackle two problems: an outdated sewer system and a deficient transportation corridor.

As part of the Tabor to the River Project BES replaced over 4,900 feet of sewer pipe in poor condition and constructed 55 green street facilities designed to manage stormwater runoff in addition to planting lots of new street trees. With the sewer and ground work done, PBOT retimed traffic signals and added new crosswalks, streetlights, and curb extensions. By coordinating the work, the two bureaus reduced the number and length of road closures and the future need to remove paving for utility work.

Project background

Division Streetscape project map

In 2001, neighborhood groups and the business community formed the Division Vision Group. They spent several years working to develop a vision for Division as a main street that could better serve the residential and business communities and the traveling public. Between 2003 and 2005, the City of Portland and community members used the findings of the Division Vision Group to develop the Division Green Street/Main Street Plan. This plan focuses on improving the livability of Division Street between SE 11th and SE 60th avenues over the next 20 years.

Continuing this work, the city started designing the Division Streetscape Project in 2009, and with input from the public the city completed the design work in 2012. Sewer rehabilitation work by BES began in May 2013. Curb and sidewalk construction followed, with final paving of SE Division Street completed in the fall of 2014.

Project Benefits

Improved traffic signal timing optimize traffic flow and travel time for all road users. Curb extensions decrease the crossing distance for pedestrians and increase their visibility to motorists when preparing to cross. In addition, the extensions provide a protected landing for transit riders getting off the bus. Every corner along the corridor now has American with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant curb ramps. New striped crosswalks make it easier for pedestrians and bicyclists to cross many of the off-set intersections along the corridor.

The project also installed a significant amount of new bike parking along the corridor. Bike boxes were installed at the Seven Corners intersection, enhancing the movement of the large numbers of bicyclists that use that intersection as a connection from Ladd’s Addition to the Clinton Neighborhood Greenway.

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