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SE 52nd & SE Woodstock Traffic Signal

Engineering And Design
This project will install a new traffic signal on SE 52nd Avenue at SE Woodstock Street.
Construction late summer 2021
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What’s happening now?

Anticipated construction for SE 52nd Avenue and SE Woodstock Street is late summer 2021.

Project Background                       

Today, traffic along SE 52nd Avenue becomes congested when people on SE 52nd Avenue attempt to make left turns onto Woodstock Street since there is no protected left turn phase (green arrow for left turns). To avoid these backups, people often choose to make their left turns in extremely tight gaps, which is dangerous and causes crashes. This project will install a new, modern traffic signal with protected left turns, and rebuild the corner ramps to current ADA standards.

Community feedback—the majority citing safety concerns—served as the primary catalyst for this project. 

Project Map

Project Funding

$1 million, locally funded through Signals and Streetlighting’s signal rebuild fund