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Portland Safety Projects - All Roads Transportation Safety

Engineering And Design
This project will design and construct traffic signal safety improvements at locations along SE Holgate Blvd, SE Milwaukie Ave, SE Division St, SE Foster Rd., Sandy Blvd., W. Burnside, NW Glisan St., NE Glisan St., SW Beaverton Hillsdale Highway, Broadway/Weidler, SE 102nd, Broadway St.
Traffic Signals
Construction begins Fall 2024

Project Scope & Background  

The project will construct new traffic signal safety and roadway lighting improvements, including but not limited to new upgrading 8-inch to 12-inch traffic signal heads, new reflectorized backplates, new street lights, and replacing strain pole span wires, new mast arm poles with new foundations, new pedestrian poles, which PBOT will operate and maintain upon completion. The work is focused on existing traffic signals and constructing new traffic signals.

The project will design and build improvements at key intersections to improve safety on six major transportation corridors in Northeast Portland and two major transportation corridors in Southeast Portland.

  • SE Holgate Blvd. at SE 112th Avenue  
  • SE Holgate Blvd. at SE Milwaukie Avenue  
  • SE Division St. 158th to 167th St.
  • SE Foster Rd. 62nd to 72nd
  • Sandy Blvd. Prescott to 92nd  
  • W. Burnside at 20th Pl.
  • SE Division St. at 112th
  • NW Glisan St. at NW Broadway  
  • NE Glisan St. at NW 122nd Ave.
  • SE Divison St. at SE 162nd Ave.
  • SW Beaverton Hillsdale Highway at SW 30th Ave.
  • Broadway/Weidler: Larabee to 21st.
  • SE Division St. 82nd to 174th.
  • NE 102nd. At Halsey, Glisan St., Burnside, Stark and Washington
  • Broadway St. SW Oak St. to NE 1stAve.  

PBOT and ODOT staff developed the project scope to satisfy the technical criteria required by the ARTS program, which requires a data-driven, strategic approach to improving highway safety that focuses on performance. Information on crash frequency, serious injuries and deaths was evaluated. Public outreach was not conducted to identify the improvements. All of the improvements will be built within the existing right of way.

The goal of the ARTS program is to achieve a significant reduction in traffic fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads. One of Portland’s most significant transportation safety lessons learned in the last decade has been the relationship between arterial roadways and crashes. The majority of serious crashes in the Portland area occur on arterial roadways. In the Portland Metro region, you are 4.3 times more likely to get in a serious crash on an urban arterial roadway that runs through the city than on a highway, such as I-5, I-205 or I-84. This project focuses federal transportation funds on some of our highest volume arterial roadways in Northeast Portland, East Portland and Southeast Portland where crashes have occurred.

Construction Schedule

SE Holgate Blvd. at SE 112th Avenue  - Spring 2025 (tentative)
  • Install protected left turn phasing on both Holgate and 112th Ave
  • Rebuild driveway at south leg of the intersection
  • Install two new bulb outs on NW and SE corners, Upgrade ADA on 4 corners, Adjust lane lines around bulb out on NW corner, Re-stripe lanes to include a left turn only lane and a thru right turn lane.   
SE Holgate Blvd at SE Milwaukie Ave Spring 2025 (tentative)
  • Full traffic signal rebuild
  • Install protected westbound left turn lanes
  • Prohibit eastbound left turns
  • Upgrade ADA ramps on all four corners
Division St.: 158th to 167th Fall 2024 (tentative)
  • Install intersection illumination along Division St. between 158th and 167th 
SE Foster Rd.: SE 62nd to SE 72nd Spring 2025 (tentative)
  • Install intersections illumination along SE Foster Rd.
NE Sandy Blvd.: Prescott to 92nd Summer 2025 (tentative)
  • Intersection illumination at the intersections of Sandy Blvd at Prescott, Sandy Blvd at 91st Ave, and Hawthorne at 30th.
SE Hawthorne at SE 30th Summer 2025 (tentative)
  • Intersection illumination at the intersections of SE Hawthorne at SE 30th.
W. Burnside St. and 20th Place
  • Install new pedestrian signal 

SE Division St @ SE 112th Ave (critical path)

  • Full signal rebuild with dual mast arm poles on NW and SE corners and ped poles on the NE and SW corners
  • Add bulb outs on NW and SE corners
  • Upgrade ADA on all 4 corners
  • Install a 150 foot long traffic separator
  • Restripe eastbound lane lines and center line and remove parking

NW Glisan St @ NW Broadway

  • Full signal re-build with reflectorized backplates
  • Install illumination on NE corner (ADA ramps completed as part of City project in 2016.)

SE Division St @ SE 162nd Ave

  • Install a 150-foot-long traffic separator
  • Restripe northbound lanes to the east of the traffic separator on the northern leg of the intersection

SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy @ SW 30th Ave

  • Install new mast arm pole on SW corner
  • Install 2 pedestrian heads in SW corner
  • Install westbound supplemental head on NW siginal pole
  • Replace southbound and westbound signal heads with new ones, with reflective backplates
  • ADA ramps to be rebuilt by City with a previous project.

Broadway/Weidler: Larabee to 21st

  • Install detection to support coordination signal timing at all signals from Larabee to 21st.

Project Highlights 

W BURNSIDE AND 20TH PLACE – Install new traffic signal 

W Burnside

BROADWAY / WEIDLER: Install adaptative signal timing


102ND, CHERRY BLOSSOM, 112TH: Install adaptative signal timing and dilemma zone protection


Install intersection illumination along Division St. between 158th and 167th 

Divison 158

Division St.: 82nd to 174th. Install coordination or adaptative signal timing and install actuated advance warning dilemma zone protection systems

Division 82

PBOT's ARTS Program Goals