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Parklane Park Local Improvement District

Engineering And Design
This Local Improvement District (LID) will be constructed adjacent to Parklane Park. Portland Parks and Recreation (PP&R) will be using Parks System Development Charge (SDC) funds for their participation in the LID. This project will improve access to the park and build a multimodal path.
Coming in 2024

About the project

The LID will construct a cul-de-sac at the south end of SE 155th Ave on property PP&R will dedicate as right-of-way (ROW) and reconstruct the north side of SE Main Street and SE Millmain Drive along Parklane Park’s frontage to reduce the street width and incorporate an elevated multi-modal pathway in conjunction with PP&R’s Parklane Park project.

The SE 155th Ave cul-de-sac is a requirement for fire turnaround and will also provide a drop off and pedestrian access into the park.  The Main-Millmain two-way bikeway and pedestrian path will enhance the recreational experience along the park’s southern frontages by providing a safe bike and pedestrian path to access the park and to provide an additional transportation and recreational pathway in addition to the park’s paths. 

Concept Drawings

A map showing the frontage improvement concepts on SE Main St and SE Millmain St as well as the cul-de-sac at SE 155th Ave
Concept includes frontage improvements on SE Main Street and SE Millmain Drive, as well as a cul-de-sac on SE 155th Avenue.
Frontage improvements adjacent to Parklane Park on SE Main Street
Proposed Frontage improvements on SE Main Street adjacent to Parklane Park.
Frontage improvements adjacent to Parklane Park on SE Millmain Street
Frontage improvements on SE Millmain Drive adjacent to Parklane Park

What's happening now?

This project is currently in the early design and engineering phase. 

Project Funding

This project is funded using a Local Improvement District with Portland Parks and Recreation. The bureau is using Parks System Development Charges to fund their participation in the project. Adjacent property owners will not be contributing to the LID.