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Outer Division Safety Project (SE 80th to 174th avenues)

New pedestrian crossings with signals, safer intersections, street lighting, protected bike lanes, raised center medians, and landscaping coming to outer SE Division Street in 2021 and 2022.
Division Street rendering at 85th
Construction in 2021
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What’s happening now?

Outer Division Safety Project: Evaluation Report

The Outer Division Safety Project was constructed from summer 2021 to early 2023. PBOT staff collected data before and after the project construction to evaluate changes to speed, transit operations, emergency vehicle travel time, U-turn execution, and compliance with active transportation guidelines.

Read the evaluation report here.

Construction Update – June 2024

Work to Date:

Construction began in July 2021 and was substantially completed fall of 2022. Contractors will be completing minor finish and corrective work by June 30, 2024.  

PBOT’s Outer Division Safety Project includes the following improvements:

  • Raised center median between SE 80th and 174th to reduce left turn crashes and improve safety for pedestrians crossing SE Division
  • 10 new traffic signals to improve safety for pedestrians crossing SE Division
  • Protected bike lanes in each direction from SE 80th to 174th
  • Street lighting at all new signalized crossings
  • Accessible corner ramps at all improved crossing locations
  • Pavement restoration on SE Division from 82nd-93rd

TriMet’s Division Transit Project

TriMet has completed construction of the Division Transit Project along SE Division. For more information on this project, please visit Division Transit Project (

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Learn how PBOT is making outer Division Street safer

了解 PBOT 如何提高 Division 街外围的安全性

Узнайте о том, как Портлендское транспортное бюро делает улицу Division безопаснее

Tìm hiểu cách PBOT đang giúp cho vòng ngoài Division Street an toàn hơn

Más información sobre qué está haciendo la PBOT para que Division Street sea más segura

Existing conditions

Southeast Division Street is one of the most dangerous corridors in Portland. It ranks #1 for people killed or injured while walking, #1 for people killed or seriously injured in motor vehicles, and #2 for people killed or injured while bicycling. Just in the everyday act of moving about, 20 people have died and 107 have been seriously injured on SE Division in the last decade.

In a two-block stretch of SE Division Street, between SE 122nd and 124th avenues, there were nearly 90 crashes in a five-year period (2011-2015) as the below graphic shows. In more than half of those crashes, someone was injured or killed, and nine of those crashes involved a person walking or biking. Unfortunately, similar conditions are found throughout the area. PBOT designed this project with these types of crashes in mind. For example, the orange arrows show turning crashes. The center median that will be added to Division Street will significantly reduce left-turning crashes.

Outer SE Division Safety Project - documented crash map

Project components

PBOT’s Outer Division Multimodal Safety Project includes safety measures to reduce unsafe driving. This includes lowering speeds, providing more frequent (and better) pedestrian crossings, and making the street safer for people bicycling. This includes:

  • 10 more signalized pedestrian crossings
  • New street lighting  between SE 82nd and 92nd avenues in the Jade District and between SE 122nd and 130th avenues in the Division-Midway area.
  • Protected bike lanes throughout the corridor
  • Raised center median along most of the corridor to limit vehicles turning and reduce crashes
Elements of a safe street


Funding for this project comes from the city's General Fund, Fixing Our Streets (the city's gas tax), Transportation System Development Charges, the cannabis tax, as well as funds from Oregon House Bill 2017. 

Other projects in the same area

TriMet's Division Transit Project

TriMet’s Division Transit Project will improve travel between downtown Portland, Southeast and East Portland, and Gresham with easier, faster, and more reliable bus service. Construction is underway and the new transit service is expected to launch September 2022.

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ODOT's All Road Transportation Safety Project at SE Division & I-205

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) will improve safety at the interchange of I-205 and Division Street by reconfiguring lanes and improving intersections to reduce conflicts and crashes. This will include dedicated turn lanes and upgraded traffic signals. Buffered bike lanes will create space between bicycles and vehicles to reduce conflicts. New curb ramps will improve safety and accessibility for everyone, including people with disabilities. Construction is expected to begin spring 2021 and continue through the end of 2021. 

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PGE's Utility Relocations

Portland General Electric (PGE) is relocating and installing power poles and lines to support PBOT's Outer Division Multi-Modal Safety Project and TriMet's Division Transit Project. Construction is currently underway and is expected to be complete by March 2021.

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