NW Thurman St. - Landslide Restoration

Engineering And Design
The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) will mitigate the landslide that impacted both 3481 and 3469 NW Thurman St. along with the surrounding area. The method of mitigation consists of excavation, placement of compacted backfill (aggregate) along with layers of geotextile fabric.
Construction starting August 2023

What's happening now?

Construction is expected to begin in August 2023. Public Utilities are currently being relocated and contractor's staging area has been defined.   

Structural mitigation method

Mitigation Method

Project background and description

In 2017 a landslide occurred along NW Thurman, eroding the roadway between 3469 and 3481 NW Thurman St. (PBOT) applied to ODOT in the amount of $1,512,962.00 for repairs  on 1/23/2019; The Project was selected as a part of the Emergency Relief Program and may include a combination of federal and state and local funds.


Agency has had its Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-related design exception   and curb ramp inspection processes reviewed and approved by ODOT and FHWA for use on federally funded projects. Initial investigative research and reporting has been completed by PBOT

Historical timeline of landslide events

In 1956 a landslide occurred at the same location as the current failure 

1956 b
Picture taken at approximately 3469 NW Thurman St. [looking West]
1956 Landslide

Project budget 

The budget for this project is $1.8m. Funding comes from the General Transportation Revenue (GTR)  fund, which is compiled of any revenue received from parking meters, parking permits, parking citations and state and local gas taxes. This Project is in the 2018-2021 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) that was adopted by the Oregon Transportation Commission on July 20, 2017 (or subsequently by amendment to the STIP).  This project is a partnership with ODOT.