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NW 24th Avenue Neighborhood Greenway Enhancement Project: NW Vaughn to NW Flanders

Engineering And Design
The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) will install improvements on the NW 24th Avenue Neighborhood Greenway to create a low-stress neighborhood street prioritizing people walking and rolling.
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Construction in 2023
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UPDATED: What's happening now?

PBOT's Maintenance Operations group plans to construct the pedestrian crossing in fall, 2023. Staff will send out a project update as soon as the project is scheduled. Construction schedules can vary with city maintenance needs, weather-related issues, and construction staff availability.

Completed project elements

  • Speed bumps on the NW 24th Neighborhood Greenway to ensure slow speeds on corridor.
  • Five improved crossings for pedestrians on the NW 24th Neighborhood Greenway.

Design complete on remaining project element

A new median island using temporary materials at NW Vaughn St and NW 24th Ave will:

  • Improve crossing safety for people walking and biking across NW Vaughn St.
  • Prevent vehicles from making left turns onto NW 24th Ave. from NW Vaughn St. 
  • Lower cut-through traffic volumes on the NW 24th Neighborhood Greenway.
  • Use non-permanent construction materials and include project evaluation after implementation.
Illustration of permitted vehicle turning movements planned for NW Vaughn St and NW 24th Ave:
This image shows that left turns will not be permitted onto NW 25th from NW Vaughn.
An illustration of the vehicle movements that will be permitted near NW 24th and Vaughn in order to provide a safer place for pedestrians to cross the street at NW 24th.
  • PBOT will update neighborhood greenway street signage and striping as needed.

Project background

The project was identified by the Northwest in Motion Plan, which represents over two years of analysis, community outreach, and problem-solving to improve walking, biking, and public transit in the Northwest District and surrounding area.

The project has a $50k budget for striping and crossing improvement elements. Funding comes from Portland General Transportation Revenue.

Learn more about the Northwest in Motion Plan:

A brief overview of the Northwest in Motion plan

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About Neighborhood Greenways

Portland's neighborhood greenways are designed to be calm streets that provide a safe and comfortable biking and walking experience. Neighborhood greenways typically feature a shared street environment rather than separated bike lanes, and use elements such as speed bumps, traffic diverters, enhanced crossings, and wayfinding to ensure that the street is clearly prioritized for people walking and biking while preserving local motor vehicle access.