NW 20th Avenue LID: Reconnecting Slabtown and NW Portland

This project reconnected the Slabtown neighborhood and NW Portland by extending NW 20th Avenue and NW Thurman Street. This created a new intersection and a new, more efficient route for drivers and pedestrians in this growing area.
NW 20th LID Reconnecton Map
Completed Spring 2020
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What's happening now?

Construction is complete.  The new traffic signal at the NW 23rd,Vaughn, and U.S. 30 intersection was activated on February 13, 2020, with its operation modified on February 20, 2020, so the right turn movement from NW 23rd Avenue northbound to U.S. 30 eastbound is green at all times except when a pedestrian is present.  Tree planting is pending in December 2020 and final assessment of the LID is pending in Spring 2021.

Project Components

Street improvements included: 

  • New NW 20th Avenue from NW Raleigh Street to NW Upshur Street 
  • Protected bike lanes on NW 20th Avenue (NW Raleigh St to Upshur St) 
  • Protected bike lanes on NW Thurman St (NW 20th Ave to NW 19th Ave) 
  • Relocated NW Thurman Street from NW 20th Avenue to NW 21st Avenue 
  • Modifications to NW 23rd Avenue & Vaughn Street intersection at the U.S. 30 off-ramp 
  • Modifications to NW 23rd Avenue between NW Thurman Street and NW Vaughn Street 
  • Replacement traffic signal for NW 23rd Avenue & Vaughn St. & U.S. Highway 30 intersection 

Project Funding

This $7.5 million local improvement district (LID) is funded by participating area property owners.

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Planning Documents