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NE Sandy Blvd (47th Ave to 82nd Ave) Pavement Rehabilitation Project

This project provides pavement maintenance to a section of Sandy Blvd from 47th to 82nd Aves.
Complete 2016
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Project Extents

NE 122nd Avenue (I-84 Ramps to N Skidmore St)

Proposed Schedule

The project is scheduled to advertise this Spring. Construction is expected to start in Late July 2016.

Project Funding

This project is funded through one-time general fund surplus dollars in the FY 15-16 adopted budget.

Question and Answer (Q+A)

Q. What is a Pavement Rehabilitation Project?

A. A rehabilitation project is where the existing roadway’s asphalt surfacing has deteriorated over time and needs to be replaced. This is generally done by “cold-planing” or “grinding” the existing surface and re-paving back with new asphalt.  Depth of removal can vary depending on the severity of the pavement distress.  If the structural capacity of the pavement has failed, then full-depth excavation and replacement of the rock and asphalt layers is required.

Q. How much asphalt will be replaced on Sandy?

A. Asphalt will be removed and replaced from curb-to-curb.  The depth of replacement will vary but generally be 4 or 6 inches with intermittent locations of full-depth reconstruction.  Full-depth reconstruction will occur in areas where the structural capacity of the asphalt and rock base has failed.  These areas must be rebuilt from the bottom up.  Doing anything less will produce overall higher costs.

Q. What other elements of street work are included in this project?

A. This is a Pavement Maintenance type project and the goal is to maximize the use of our limited tax dollars on roadway resurfacing work.  Along with this work, the project must comply with stormwater quality requirements, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards, and modernizing existing traffic signal equipment.  In addition, aging underground sewers will also be replaced in conjunction with the roadwork to minimize future repairs under new asphalt.

Q. How are Rehabilitation projects and roadway limits selected?

A. Streets are rated based on an assessment of the condition of the roadway.  The quantity and severity of the deterioration along with the traffic, transit, and freight loadings are used to determine which projects have the greatest need. 

Q. Where is the funding coming from?

A. Funds for road rehabilitation projects like N.E Sandy Blvd. come from the City’s general transportation fund; revenue which is derived from a combination of parking, state gas tax, and utility license fees. 

Q. What kind of impacts can I expect along Sandy Blvd.?


  • Local access to businesses and residences will be provided at all times, except when the paver or grinder is directly in front of the driveway.  Emergency access will be made available immediately if necessary.
  • Parking will be removed where crews need to work on the roadway.  Parking in the evenings may be restored where possible.  It is neither practical nor efficient to remove and restore parking continuously on a daily basis.  The goal is to minimize the number of times parking is removed along a block.
  • Our goal is to minimize traffic detours on Sandy Blvd.  Traffic engineers will work closely with the selected contractor to implement the best possible staging plan. This will minimize the impacts to both through and local traffic while allowing the contractor to get their work done efficiently.  Some side streets, however, may be closed with detours to help facilitate the work.
  • Flaggers will be used at busy intersections, around the workers and equipment.  You will see flaggers often to provide safety for pedestrians, workers and the traveling public.
  • When the asphalt surface is ground off, the contractor will sweep as often as possible to remove loose rocks and dust.  Some dust is inevitable but the intent is to keep this to a minimum. 
  • Unexpected delays are common to construction.  The City and its contractors will work with the adjacent businesses to maintain reasonable access and minimize delays while keeping the work moving and on schedule.
  • There will be lane closures and lane shifting on Sandy Blvd. during construction using arrow boards and message boards.  Again, no detours on Sandy are planned.

Q. What is the Construction schedule?

A. The current schedule has the Sandy project completing in early Spring of 2012.  We are optimistic that the project can be completed by the end of May but it will depend on the frequency of rainy weather at that time because we need a stretch of dry weather to complete the asphalt paving and roadway striping.  As you know, the Spring of 2011 was very wet into June

Q. Who can I contact if I have a question?


  • Kim Bria – WHPacific: Project Representative for Public Outreach: 503-372-3643.
  • Todd Liles – Contract Manager, City of Portland: 503-823-6992.

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