Storm damage recovery

NE Cornfoot Road Corridor Improvements (47th Avenue to Alderwood Road)

Engineering And Design
The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) will be repaving NE Cornfoot Road from Airtrans Way to Alderwood Road. Upgrade streetlights and install guardrails. A second project phase in 2026 will add a multi-use path on the north side for people walking and biking.
Cornfoot Rd existing conditions
Construction will begin in spring of 2024
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What's happening now?

Project went out to bid last December 2023. The contractor awarded will start construction in spring of 2024.

Project components

  • Repave NE Cornfoot Road, from Airtrans Way to Alderwood Road
  • Upgrade streetlights and install additional ones.
  • Install new guardrails on the south side of NE Cornfoot Road.


This $4 million project is funded in part by House Bill 2017 ($2 million) and $2 million from the voter-approved, 10-cent gas tax known as Fixing Our Streets

Project paid for by Fixing Our Streets: Your dime at work.