NE Columbia Boulevard at NE MLK Jr Boulevard Intersection Improvements

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is improving safety and freight traffic movement through the intersection with a dedicated right turn lane and building new sidewalk.
Map of MLK and Columbia project
Construction complete
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What’s happening now?

Project construction is complete. 

Project Background

The westbound right turn movement at the intersection of NE Columbia Boulevard and NE Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard moves a significant amount of freight traffic. Congestion at this intersection makes it difficult for freight traffic to travel efficiently. This project was identified in the 2006 Freight Master Plan as a high priority project.  

NE Columbia and NE MLK Intersection improvements map

The project is constructing a dedicated westbound right turn lane on NE Columbia Boulevard at the intersection of NE Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and NE Columbia Boulevard. In addition, a 12-foot sidewalk adjacent to the new right turn lane and a new traffic signal will be constructed. Just Bucket Construction will complete the project.  

Project Funding

Funded through the Surface Transportation Program, a federal grant, this project’s total budget is $3.4 million.