NE 60th and Halsey Area Improvement Project

Engineering And Design
The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) will be paving, adding new traffic signals, turn lanes, wider sidewalks, and new bike improvements to improve traffic flow and increase safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles.
This graphic shows the future configuration of NE Halsey between 47th and 60th, with three twelve-foot wide lanes, one in each direction and a center turn lane
Construction start fall 2023
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This map shows widened sidewalks, new pedestrian crossings, signal upgrades, paving and lane reconfiguration on NE 60th and Halsey.

What’s happening now? 

This project is in the design phase. 

Project Components

  • Repave NE Halsey Street from 53rd to 60th Avenue and NE 60th Avenue from Holladay to Halsey Street.
  • Improve the flow of traffic on NE Halsey Street between NE 57th and 60th Avenues with new traffic signals and dedicated turn lanes.
  • Make the intersection of NE Halsey Street and NE 47th Avenue safer with a new traffic signal and dedicated turn lanes.
  • Widen the sidewalk on NE 60th Avenue between NE Halsey Street and the NE 60th Avenue MAX Station.
  • Install two marked pedestrian crossings with concrete median islands on NE Halsey Street between 55th and 56th avenues and another between 50th and 51st avenues.

Changes to the Design

Due to funding cuts, this project will no longer include bike improvements as part of the 60s Bikeway from NE Davis Street to NE Sacramento Street.

Following public feedback received on the project at multiple events between April and September 2019, PBOT prepared a report summarizing feedback and changes to the design. 

There were three major changes to the originally proposed design:

  • NE Halsey Street between 47th and 57th avenues will be modified to remove parking on both sides of the street to provide three 12-foot-wide lanes:  one travel lane in each direction and one center turn lane.
  • NE 57th Avenue south of NE Halsey Street will not be converted to a one-way street; it will remain a two-way street. During peak morning and evening commute times, the traffic signal will allow northbound traffic to enter NE Halsey Street with every other cycle.
  • The 60s Bikeway alignment north of NE Hancock Street will now continue north on NE 61st Avenue instead of jogging west to NE 60th Avenue.   

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Project Funding

$9.5 million

Project Documents