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NE 60th Alternative Pedestrian Walkway Pilot Project

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Under construction

This project will add a walkway on NE 60th Avenue between NE Prescott Street/Cully Boulevard and NE Lombard Street (formerly known as NE Portland Highway).

Construction August 2020 - May 2021
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What’s happening now?

  • Construction began on August 17, 2020.
  • Project construction will occur in two segments. The first segment is north of Killingsworth (NE Portland Highway to Killingsworth) and the second segment is from Killingsworth to Going.
  • The goal is to complete the northern section by fall 2020. It may be possible to complete the southern section in 2020 as well, but this will largely depend on how rainy the fall and early winter are. If the weather is uncooproative, the project will likely wrap up spring 2021.
    • Update: the project experienced some additional delays due to wildfire smoke in the summer and wet fall weather, pushing the completion date of the northern section into winter (original goal was to finish in fall 2020). 
  • The contractor, Just Bucket Excavating, will use door hangers to notify neighbors of any temporary driveway closures.
  • Detour and No Parking signage will be placed throughout the project area as needed for the safety of construction crews and neighbors.

Project Components

  • Six-foot wide path on one side of NE 60th
    • Path will be on west side of 60th between Prescott and Killingsworth; east side of 60th between Killingsworth and NE Portland Highway
  • Path will be flush with existing roadway, separated with a concrete traffic separator (raised curb)
  • Truncated domes (yellow pad of bumps) used at minor intersections since ramps will not be present
  • Fire-friendly speed bumps being explored along entire alignment for traffic calming
NE 60th Alternative Pedestrian Project map

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