NE 60th Alternative Pedestrian Walkway Pilot Project

This project added a walkway on NE 60th Avenue between NE Prescott Street/Cully Boulevard and NE Lombard Street (formerly known as NE Portland Highway).
NE 60th Alternative Pedestrian Project rendering
Construction August 2020 - May 2021
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What’s happening now?

  • Project completed

Project Components

  • Six-foot wide path on one side of NE 60th
    • Path will be on west side of 60th between Prescott and Killingsworth; east side of 60th between Killingsworth and NE Portland Highway
  • Path will be flush with existing roadway, separated with a concrete traffic separator (raised curb)
  • Truncated domes (yellow pad of bumps) used at minor intersections since ramps will not be present
  • Fire-friendly speed bumps being explored along entire alignment for traffic calming
NE 60th Alternative Pedestrian Project map



David Backes

Capital Project Manager, PBOT